UX Objective Podcast. Episode 1: “Better Done Than Perfect” Mindset w/ Jane Portman

Afraid of shipping your “good enough” product or feature and trapped by perfectionism? In this episode, we’re talking to Jane Portman about the “better done than perfect” mindset. Jane is a seasoned UI/UX consultant who is currently running Userlist with her co-founder Benedikt. She has authored two books – UI Audit and Productised Consulting Guide and runs two podcast shows.



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Episode Notes

Userlist.com – Jane’s SaaS company and podcast

Uibreakfast.com – Jane’s website and podcast

Follow Jane on Twitter

Copyhackers – Joana Wiebe’s Copy School

Sales Safari Method – by Amy Hoy and Alex Hillman

Kai Davis and Jonathan Stark websites

b.d.t.p – Jane’s tattoo 🙂


Today’s Sponsors:

My wife. She’s given me immense support while I’ve been working on the podcast launch.

Stanislavs Bojaruns created the original jingle and provided sound production help and advisory.

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