RE-R.Camp – EU Salary Tax Calculator

Taxes are one of the most important considerations when opening a company or deciding to work abroad. r.Camp is an HR agency that helps IT professionals and start-ups understand taxes across European Union countries. In 2020, r.Camp hired me to design their tax calculator app.

Project details

Client: r.Camp (Riga, Latvia)
Duration: 2 months (Jan 2020 - Feb 2020)
- Product Designer: Kirill Nagornych
- CEO, Product Manager: Stepan Galkin

The Problem

To deliver their consulting services, r.Camp developed an internal tool (created in spreadsheets) for calculating tax estimates and comparing them between countries. As the demand for their services grew, r.Camp decided to launch an online version of the calculator and hired me to design it.


Looking at other online tax calculators in the space revealed that majority of them had quite outdated look and were designed to show taxation data for individual countries rather than for comparative analysis. We took these findings as something that, if solved right, will help us stand out among other players.