UX Objective Podcast. Episode 2: Getting into Web3 UX and its challenges w/ Vy Alechnavicius

Thinking of getting into Web3 UX and not sure where to start and how it’s different from Web2 UX? Today our guest is Vytautas/Vy Alehnavicius, a UX researcher, Web3 startup advisor, and design lead at Tesco. Vy has also authored “Getting into UX” book and has a user research and design channel on Youtube.


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Episode Notes

Getting Into UX – Vy’s book

VA Experience – Vy’s YouTube channel on user research and design

Follow Vy on Twitter

Web3 Foundation

“No-coiner” explained

Design Innovation Diagram

Product Adoption Cycle

Design Thinking methodology

Paul Graham – co-founder of Y Combinator

Charles Hoskinson on Twitter – founder of Cordano and co-founder of Etherium

1-9-90 rule


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Stanislavs Bojaruns created the original jingle and provided sound production help and advisory.

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